Success and motivation

Success in business doesn’t just fall into your lap, while you passively pocket the pay cheques. Even the most talented...

Success in business doesn’t just fall into your lap, while you passively pocket the pay cheques. Even the most talented entrepreneurs and managers have to work at it. And to work at it, you need to be motivated. But how do you get motivated?

The leadership writer, John Adair tells us that half our motivation comes from within us and half from our environment. He calls it the 50-50 rule. In other words, you may be a naturally driven person and hugely ambitious, but unless you’re in a highly motivating environment, you’re unlikely to see those ambitions fulfilled. So you need to choose carefully the place where you want to work.

Have you ever found yourself in a team where nobody cared much or believed in the project? How long did your enthusiasm last? Equally, you may be lucky enough to work for a leader who keeps everyone inspired and motivated, and as a result the whole office is buzzing with energy.

There’s one other thing you can do, and this is vital: surround yourself with motivated people. Avoid the emotional vampires. Instead, hang around with the people who have even more enthusiasm than you. In that environment you’ll feel challenged, energised and inspired to achieve your highest potential. 

But to be fully motivated you must find half of that within yourself. That’s your responsibility.


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