Charisma in Online Meetings


Personalised help to master your presence on-screen

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that most of us are now working from home. Suddenly you have to be impressive in virtual meetings, interviews and presentations. And most people have yet to catch up.
That’s why I’ve introduced this new programme of one-to-one training, delivered on-line, for people who need to look and sound credible in a virtual setting. The results have been amazing. I’ll take you through powerful techniques that can make a huge difference to the way you come across – whether it’s knowing the best way to position your laptop camera, how to keep your audience engaged, or how to find the focus that gives you a more charismatic presence on-screen.
Being effective through the webcam lens is not easy. Executives are telling me their number one challenge online is that they aren’t getting normal feedback, so they can’t gauge the atmosphere of a meeting or audience. As one put it, ‘I feel as if I’m speaking in a void.’ On top of that, you can’t make simultaneous eye contact. And until you can watch a playback of yourself in action, you have no idea how you are coming across. No wonder so many people are still getting it wrong.
This is why it’s vital and urgent to get ahead of the game now, so that you present yourself in a professional way that will impress your colleagues, clients and employees.
My new programme comprises two sessions, each of two hours, with the chance to follow up in shorter sessions later, if and when you want them. Everything is customised to your individual needs. Exercises are video recorded and played back so you can see the difference immediately.

Key focus

  • Detailed feedback on your virtual communication style and how to strengthen it
  • Learn how to exploit the key differences between presenting in-person and on-screen 
  • Solve the challenges of online eye contact to maintain rapport
  • Learn how to arrange lighting and the setting so you look your best, professionally
  • Learn how to get the angle and position of the camera right 
  • Keep everyone involved in an online meeting
  • Exercises to strengthen your voice and body language
  • Learn how to deal with nerves online
  • Project a more animated, charismatic personality on-screen
  • Learn how to deliver your message with confidence, clarity and authority

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