Personal Training for CEOs and Senior Execs

Personalised expert help to strengthen your impact

Professor Ken Rea also works on a one-to-one basis with many CEOs and senior executives, helping them maximise their impact, or prepare for important presentations and conferences. Working swiftly, he will give you the key skills to help you achieve the results you’re after.

He will take you through powerful techniques to motivate your teams and convey greater presence, gravitas and charisma. His approach is fresh, innovative and startlingly effective. Drawing on his own experience of working with global leaders, of training actors and giving presentations and talks throughout Europe, Ken provides expert and thorough guidance.

This work is customised to each individual, though it usually follows a pattern of a half-day intensive session, followed by two-hour sessions spread over several months.

Key focus

  • Detailed feedback on your personal communication style and how to strengthen it
  • Learn how to clarify your vision and deliver this effectively
  • Personalised tools to help you maximise your presence, gravitas and charisma
  • Learn how structure your information quickly and efficiently
  • Crafting corporate stories that will make your message inspiring
  • Personal tuition in structuring and writing your presentation
  • Exercises to strengthen your voice and body language
  • Understand and apply the secrets of building rapport with others
  • Learn how to deal with nerves and look relaxed under pressure

Who will benefit

Senior executives who have to look the part and create a rapport with customers, clients, seniors or team members. Also, executives who need to inspire audiences, motivate teams or win important business.

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