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  • 26/05/2017 0 Comments
    Success and motivation

    Success in business doesn’t just fall into your lap, while you passively pocket the pay cheques. Even the most talented...

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  • 19/05/2017 0 Comments
    The ultimate secret of success

    If I had to boil everything down to one single secret of success, I’d say it’s this: Take action! In it’s...

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  • 15/05/2017 0 Comments
    Adapting to others

    Here’s a dialogue I recently had with a French executive from a global company in Europe, which has a predominantly Japanese...

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  • 28/01/2015 0 Comments
    What does your face say about you?

    We’re all born with fairly open faces, but by the time we’re 30 or 40, that face may have turned...

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  • 21/07/2013 0 Comments
    The law of attraction in action

    For anyone who doubts it, the law of attraction – like attract like – really does work. You’ve probably experienced it yourself...

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  • 20/02/2012 0 Comments
    Grabbing your audience

    For many business executives, especially in the financial sector, one of the greatest fears in meetings or presentations is being...

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  • 29/03/2011 0 Comments
    Adapting to others

    Here’s a dialogue I recently had with a French executive from a global company in Europe, which has a predominantly...

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  • 07/02/2011 0 Comments
    Why fear rhetorical devices?

    People giving business presentations tend to avoid anything out of the ordinary in order to conform to the way everyone...

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  • 11/01/2011 0 Comments
    The female executive in a male world

    A senior executive I was recently working with wanted to gain more gravitas and credibility...

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  • 09/11/2010 0 Comments
    Distracted when presenting?

    This conversation, with someone from a global company, points up a big problem in the age of the BlackBerry. Are...

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  • 11/10/2010 0 Comments
    Being present

    Here’s an exchange I had recently with a delegate on the second morning of one of my Communication Skills courses...

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