How to be an Inspirational Leader

Two days

Practical ways to develop your personal style, presence and charisma

What make a leader great? This fast-moving, two-day course examines the practices and skills of exceptional leaders and gives you powerful techniques to match their behaviour. These can be put into practice immediately, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

Delivered by two trainers (including Ken), the course focuses on authentic leadership, comparing relevant leadership approaches to help you find which is best for your organisation. It differs from other leadership courses by giving you the behavioural skills that will make an immediate difference to your performance. Through practical exercises and personalised, challenging feedback you will understand not only what to do but how to do it. Some of the tools are drawn from proven acting methods that heighten your charisma, strengthen your authority and help you motivate and inspire the people you work with.

Key focus

  • Evaluate the most influential authentic leadership models
  • Use powerful communication techniques to project confidence and inspire and motivate others
  • Remain focused and in control under pressure
  • Think more creatively
  • Harness the value of Emotional Intelligence
  • Build a stronger rapport and credibility with your team members and clients
  • Deal effectively with the media
  • Increase the effectiveness of video conferences
  • Strengthen your vocal power, use inspirational language and control your personal space
  • Develop more effective body language and strengthen your eye contact
  • Be ‘alive’ while speaking and thinking on your feet.


Part One: Leadership models


Strategy. Why you lead. How you lead

Finding which style is appropriate to your company or industry


    Difficulties you experience as leaders

    How can you be more inspirational?

      Finding the model that suits your company

      Different leadership roles will be appropriate for different situations

      The essence of authentic leadership

        Understanding and using team dynamics effectively

        Identifying stages of team development

          Part Two: Where you are

          How you come across

          Presenting yourself and your vision (video recorded)

            What we expect from a leader

            Analysing the behaviours of top leaders

              Focus when speaking

              Finding accuracy in your language and ownership of your message

                Video feedback

                Analysis of your individual style, with practical solutions

                  Part Three: Looking and sounding like a leader

                  Manager versus leader

                  Clarifying the differences

                    Behavioural tool kit

                    Introduction to the behavioural work

                    A series of physical exercises that have a place

                      Physical techniques

                      Relaxation and posture

                      Breath and voice

                        Personal presence

                        Using energy effectively to heighten personal presence

                        Being grounded and centred under pressure

                          Conveying your vision

                          Vision, goals and mission - Why these are important

                            Vision in language

                            Uses of metaphor and other rhetorical devices

                            Inspirational language

                              Building rapport

                              Understanding where the other person, or audience, is coming from to match their needs and interests

                                DAY TWO

                                Part Four: Authentic leadership

                                Introduction to day two

                                The talent for leadership

                                12 tips on leading your team

                                Managing time effectively

                                Emotional Intelligence and empathy

                                  Dealing with difficult people

                                  Dealing with hostility and aggression

                                    The positive mindset of leaders

                                    Empowering, enabling, challenging

                                    Positive thinking exercise

                                      Part Five: Getting results


                                      Creating a powerful focus and influence in meetings and presentations

                                        Projecting effortless authority, confidence and gravitas

                                        Using body language effectively

                                        Establishing credibility with senior leaders

                                        Strengthening rapport at any level

                                          Part Six: Charismatic leadership

                                          Strengthening eye contact

                                          Creating a charismatic impact

                                            Putting it all together

                                            Applying all the techniques to relevant situations (video recorded)

                                              Handling meetings and video conferences

                                              How to get the best out of meetings of all kinds

                                                Formulating your key values

                                                Defining your organisational and personal values

                                                Conveying these in various situations

                                                  Your personal leadership model

                                                  Reviewing proven leadership models

                                                  Defining your own model of authentic leadership

                                                    Conveying your leadership philosophy

                                                    Expressing your vision to your team or organisation (video recorded)


                                                      Action plans and the next steps

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