Personal Impact

Two days

How to influence others with natural authority and charisma

This intensive, two-day course will look at every aspect of your personal performance: how you communicate, your use of Emotional Intelligence, your physical presence, how you can build rapport, deal with crisis situations and handle pressure. It is delivered by two trainers (including Ken). We will take you through proven exercises and techniques that will help you in all work situations, whether chairing meetings, building relationships with clients or pitching for new business.

Drawing on some of the special techniques actors use to project presence, power and charisma, this course will enable you to take a fresh and objective look at the way you come across and then step up to a higher level of effectiveness. It will help you develop your strengths and personality to unlock your authentic self.

Key focus

  • Increase your personal impact and credibility
  • Maximise your verbal and visual communication skills
  • Speak fluently and confidently, even under stress
  • Handle difficult meetings sensitively and constructively
  • Deliver confident, convincing presentations
  • Win the ongoing respect of your colleagues
  • Encourage committed, creative teamwork
  • Minimise aggression, conflict and misunderstandings
  • Encourage first-class performance from colleagues and staff
  • Build a stronger rapport with team members and clients


Part One: Understanding impact

Course introduction

Understanding and using Emotional Intelligence 

Understanding team dynamics

    Individual statements

    Video recording a mini-presentation

      The qualities of effective speakers

      Analysis of the traits effective speakers convey

        Part Two: Presence and charisma

        Focus when speaking

        Developing vocal clarity and ownership of your message

          Video feedback

          Individual feedback on how you come across

          Determining the next steps

          Strengthening body language and vocal range

            Centring energy

            Being grounded, centred and relaxed under pressure

              Part Three: Presenting with impact

              Communicating through powerful presentations

              Making presentations vivid and concise

              Structuring a presentation

              Creating rapport

              Effective language and dealing with jargon

              Effective openings and closings

                Visual aids

                Four levels of visual aids 

                Using PowerPoint effectively

                  DAY TWO

                  Part Four: Communicating to influence

                  Bringing the right energy into the room

                  Application to meetings and all conversations

                    Finding focus to have more influence

                    Being less self-conscious

                    Dealing with nerves

                      Part Five: Building rapport

                      Matching the message to the person

                      Creating rapport through understanding different personality styles

                        Dealing with difficult people

                        Managing difficult or hostile conversations

                          Projecting effortless authority, confidence and gravitas

                          Using body language effectively

                          Establishing credibility with senior leaders

                            Personal space

                            Using social and personal space to put others at ease

                            Understanding differences according to gender and nationality

                              Looking calm and confident under pressure

                              Using the right kind of energy for each situation

                              Keeping grounded and in control in high-pressure situations

                                Handling meetings and video conferences

                                How to get the best out of meetings of all kinds

                                  Strengthening eye contact

                                  Creating a charismatic impact

                                    Part Six: Impact in action

                                    Putting it all together

                                    Applying all the techniques to a proposal, meeting or presentation 

                                    Video record this with coaching on camera


                                      Action plans and the next steps

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