The law of attraction in action

For anyone who doubts it, the law of attraction – like attract like – really does work. You’ve probably experienced it yourself...

For anyone who doubts it, the law of attraction – like attract like – really does work.

You’ve probably experienced it yourself, but I’ll give you one example.
This week I’ve been concentrating on helping unemployed people in London get work. It’s a free course called Life Skills into Work and it aims to turn people’s lives around by helping them find positive energy, build confidence and learn practical techniques that will help them succeed in a job interview, and hopefully get a job.
When I got home last night, there on my computer was an email offering me some more training work – a potential lucrative contract.
Call it coincidence if you like – an isolated example – but I’ve experienced this phenomenon so many times that I now take it seriously.
The theory is that whatever you send out to the world will come back to you. When you think about it, this is not crazy: it’s common sense. Send out love and happiness, and the people you meet are more likely to smile back in a friendly way. Send out snarling cynicism and anyone in your path is likely to be wary of you. Use habitually negative language and people will probably feel negatively about you. And conversely, if your language is generally positive, people are more likely to behave positively towards you. We are affected by the actions and behaviours of the people around us.
There’s nothing new about this. Just about every religious and philosophical system has been saying the same thing for thousands of years: ‘What goes around comes around’, ‘You reap what you sew’, ‘Give and it will be given unto you,, ‘Karma’.
The idea is also backed up by discoveries in neuroscience about the mirror neuron system: when we watch someone doing something, for example expressing joy, a neuron in our brain ‘mirrors’ that behaviour, as if we too were expressing joy.
If we don’t see the law of attraction working for us, it’s partly because, when a good thing comes our way, we tend either to ignore it or write it off as meaningless coincidence. In doing so, we miss being thankful for the fortunate events in our lives. The exciting thing is that we can choose what we send out there, which in turn will affect what comes back to us. Some people, for instance, have found that when they give away money, more comes back to them. That’s happened to me.
Try it out for yourself. Start noticing the happy coincidences and ask yourself if they might be a reflection of what you are sending out there. And please let me know when the law is working for you.


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